parathyroid surgeon in CheshireConsult the leading parathyroid surgeon in Cheshire for excellent professional treatment.

At Manchester Thyroid, we provide integrated care solutions for a comprehensive range of endocrine, thyroid and parathyroid issues. If you have noticed lumps, nodules, problems with over or under active thyroid, goitre, adenomas or cancer. Our team of highly qualified, experienced medical experts can offer the right treatment and care. We believe in an inter-disciplinary approach to health and wellness. As such, we collaborate closely with experts in other fields such as radiology, pathology and oncology. This 360-degree view is of immense benefit to both patients and doctors.

For our patients in Cheshire, a parathyroid surgeon at our facility work closely with the well-known Christie Hospital in Manchester. This is one of the largest and best-equipped cancer treatment centres in Europe. As part of the NHS Foundation, it is an international leader in cancer research and technology. The hospital treats nearly 12,000 patients daily and is the leading cancer centre for the Greater Manchester and Cheshire regions. The surgical procedures are safe and our team helps you to understand the entire process beforehand. This helps you to make more informed decisions. You will have to undergo a range of tests and based on the results, we can schedule your surgery dates. We will also conduct a thorough pre-operation evaluation. This may include X-rays, laboratory work-ups, EKG to assess your readiness for the operation.

A parathyroid surgeon in Cheshire will ensure that you know what time to arrive for your surgery. Your family or friends can wait in the waiting area and they will be kept updated on your condition. The post-surgical care is also critical. You will receive excellent post-operative advice and assistance. Though different people react differently to clinical procedures, this surgery is safe and reliable. Contact Manchester Thyroid for more information on our expert parathyroid surgeons. We will assist in helping our patients to access state of the art diagnostics, treatments and surgery conducted by our trained team.


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