Thyroid Clinic in CheshireConsider visiting a specialist at a thyroid clinic in Cheshire if you are experiencing symptoms and are not sure what is causing them. Symptoms such as sudden weight loss or weight gain, fatigue, irritability, sensitivity to heat and excessive sweating should be checked by a specialist. It may be that you are suffering from a thyroid condition and you are not aware of it. The thyroid is a gland at the base of your neck, shaped like a butterfly and produces an important hormone called thyroid hormone (TH). This hormone plays a large role in the way in which our bodies function. An imbalance in this hormone can affect a number of your body’s functions.

If you suspect that your thyroid needs attention, it is best to consult with a specialist. In Cheshire, a thyroid clinic is where you have the opportunity to meet with specialists in this field. Schedule an appointment at our thyroid clinic to meet with one of our specialists. We can assist you with any thyroid-related illness.  Our specialists work with other clinicians including, radiologists, pathologists and oncologists from the Christie hospital. By doing so, we offer a streamlined and efficient patient journey. This is where you will receive a comprehensive coordinated service covering all aspects of thyroid and parathyroid disease. Our specialists are highly regarded within the region, as well as nationally. Our patients receive dedicated and empathetic care to ensure their health and recovery.

A thyroid clinic in Cheshire can assist you if you are experiencing symptoms that you are unsure of. For more information on how we can assist you, or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, contact Manchester Thyroid. From the minute you make the first phone call, you will gain peace of mind that you in the hands of a consummate professional. It is possible for anyone at any age to get thyroid disease. However, women are five to eight times more likely than men to have it. When you visit our clinic, we will conduct a number of relatively simple tests to find out if you have a thyroid problem.



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