Thyroid Surgeon in ManchesterIf it’s been recommended that you seek a thyroid surgeon in Manchester, let us welcome you to our full comprehensive Thyroid and Parathyroid Centre. Here at our clinic, our team of endocrinologists, surgeons and support staff assess, diagnose and treat a myriad of thyroid conditions that may be affecting your overall health. Our integrated approach ensures that all aspects of thyroid disease is investigated and the best solutions are implemented. By the time you reach our treatment, you may have been tested and even treated for other conditions without results. Unfortunately, that’s because so many other conditions mimic the same symptoms as thyroid and parathyroid disease. A diagnosis may take longer than some.

Once you are here, our highly respected team will collaborate to find the exact cause of your illness. In Manchester, thyroid surgeons may require that you be hospitalised. Surgery may be necessary, especially if Parathyroid adenoma is present. Small growths on the parathyroid glands must be removed to restore health. The surgery is carried out by a specialist surgeon. The growths are almost never cancerous but they do interfere with the ability of parathyroid glands to balance calcium and potassium levels in the body. Symptoms may include fatigue, depression, poor concentration, kidney stones. You may discover later that your body has experienced bone loss due to the lack of calcium.

There are other endocrine problems that may require a thyroid surgeon in Manchester after diagnosis and treatment. The thyroid produces hormones that are key to normalising temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism and the interaction of other hormones within the endocrine system. Fatigue, weight gain, and unusual neck lumps are some of the vague symptoms of thyroid problems. Once thyroid disease is suspected our specialists will test for hormone levels to find the cause. Most can be treated with medication. Contact Manchester Thyroid if you suspect you have thyroid disease or your doctor recommends a surgeon. Our surgeons will be able to pinpoint the thyroid problem and help normalise your health with effective treatments.


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