parathyroid clinic in CheshireManchester Thyroid includes a parathyroid clinic in Cheshire as part of our multidiscipline approach to endocrine health. Although the thyroid and the parathyroid are not related to each other, they are both part of the endocrine system and in close proximity to each other in the body. We have 4 small glands located behind the thyroid gland which are called parathyroid glands. Their job is to control calcium levels in the blood. If calcium blood levels are high, it could be due to a tumour, usually benign, on a parathyroid gland. We call this condition parathyroid adenoma. The importance of calcium in our body is well known by most. It helps build strong bones and muscles.

More importantly, calcium provides the electrical system for our nervous system and it’s the only element in our body with its own regulator; parathyroid glands. In Cheshire, a parathyroid clinic diagnoses and treats parathyroid disease through a collaborative effort with other specialists to diagnose and treat the disease. Parathyroid is almost never due to cancer but not treating the high calcium levels increases the chance of developing cancer elsewhere in the body. Treatment is almost always surgical. Even if a parathyroid gland or two has to be removed to remove the tumour, the other glands will continue to produce parathyroid hormone and control calcium levels. The health and well-being of your whole nervous system which controls your brain, nerves, blood vessels, heart and yes bones, depends on parathyroid hormones controlling your calcium levels.

Our team of clinicians working at and with our staff at our parathyroid clinic in Cheshire welcome your scrutiny of their standing amongst their peers and patients both locally and regionally. Our work with parathyroid patients is essential to the future well-being and normalcy of those patients’ lives. The balance of calcium in your blood is not just about kidney stones and bone loss. High calcium levels impact the nervous system causing depression, personality changes, kidney failure, memory loss, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias and more. Contact Manchester Thyroid for a parathyroid clinic if you suffer these symptoms. Left untreated, this disease will ruin your life and possibly take your life. Our team can give you back your future.


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