Parathyroid Clinic in Stoke A Parathyroid clinic in Stoke is available if you need to schedule an appointment with an expert. If you have been experiencing symptoms that indicate you may have a parathyroid condition, our experts can assist you. There are four parathyroid glands located near the thyroid gland. Each parathyroid gland is usually similar in size to a grain of rice. While both the thyroid and parathyroid glands are physically near each other and are both part of your body’s endocrine system, their functions are unrelated.

Parathyroid glands release parathyroid hormone (PTH) and these control the calcium levels in the bloodstream. In Stoke, a parathyroid clinic can assist if you are experiencing symptoms of parathyroid-related illness. Parathyroid illnesses include Hyperparathyroidism, Parathyroid Disease, and Hypoparathyroidism. Each has a range of symptoms such as fatigue, low energy, difficulty swallowing, lumps in the neck. Often times, symptoms aren’t apparent in the early stages of the illness. They also vary from person to person. If you are concerned, it is best to be diagnosed and treated by a professional who specialises in the endocrine system. Give us a ring to schedule an appointment.

When you visit our parathyroid clinic in Stoke, you can rest assured that our experts provide ultimate care. Our team can diagnose parathyroid disorders through comprehensive testing. We will inquire about your full medical history, and will also do a thorough physical exam. When you need assistance and would like to visit a top parathyroid clinic, contact Manchester Thyroid. Our clinicians are all highly regarded and respected within their field. In addition to their skill and experience, they are also recognised for their dedication to patient care. We offer an integrated approach to ensure an effective and thorough diagnosis and resulting treatment. Working with a multidisciplinary team, we can ensure a streamlined and efficient patient journey. As such, we are able to offer a comprehensive coordinated service covering all aspects of thyroid and parathyroid disease.


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