Parathyroid Consultant in Chester Your primary care physician may have suggested you see a parathyroid consultant in Chester. Perhaps you have symptoms that are troubling but the cause is difficult to pin down. For instance, depression, bone and joint pain, lethargy or weakness, poor concentration, nausea, loss of appetite, frequent urination, kidney stones, osteoporosis are all symptoms of parathyroid disease. Clearly, those are also the symptoms of many other disorders and diseases, including ageing, menopause, and even pregnancy. Complicating the issue is there may be no symptoms or very mild symptoms. Symptoms start to present more clearly when other organs are being damaged.

If the cause is parathyroid disease, then your body is producing too much calcium and it’s affecting every area of your body. In Chester, our parathyroid consultant will conduct a series of tests to confirm parathyroid disease. It’s not so difficult to diagnose but it’s often the last suspected cause. The parathyroid is a small organ with a big job that is located behind your Adam’s apple. Its job is to secrete a hormone that balances and controls the calcium levels throughout your body. Disease, usually a tiny tumour or two, will throw calcium levels out of balance causing some of these symptoms and many more. If not diagnosed early, there could be damage to other organs in the body. Calcium is used by every organ in our body. An excess or lack can cause devastating discomfort and illness.

A specialist parathyroid consultant in Chester will diagnose the disease. The cure is usually a delicate surgery to remove the tumours. We may see calcium levels begin to return to normal before surgery is even completed. Our team of specialists, diagnosticians, surgeons and support staff will take very good care of you. We understand that you may have travelled a long road and many doctors to get to us. Contact Manchester Thyroid for caring experienced parathyroid specialists.  If parathyroid disease is our diagnosis after testing, Our surgical treatments and care will likely restore your good health quickly


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