Parathyroid Consultant in StockportYou may have been referred to a parathyroid consultant in Stockport by your doctor. At our clinic, we have a team of professionals with the experience in all aspects of thyroid and parathyroid conditions. When you pay us a visit, a parathyroid consultant will assess your condition and discuss the best possible solution for your particular requirements. Your parathyroid glands are tiny. They are each approximately the size of a grain of rice. They play a huge role in your body by controlling the level of calcium in your body by producing hormones. These glands are near your thyroid. However, they function on their own.  As such, they are not related to your thyroid gland.

If one of these glands has disease, they will grow to an abnormal size and will produce too much hormone. In Stockport, a parathyroid consultant may diagnose hyperparathyroidism as a result. He will discuss your symptoms with you. It could be that you experience headaches, fatigue, memory problems and depression. It could be that you do not experience any symptoms at all. Our parathyroid consultant will conduct a number of tests to measure the level of calcium in your blood. These are usually blood teats. He may also conduct a scan to check if your parathyroid glands are their normal size. Furthermore, once the tests are conclusive and indicate hyperthyroidism, he may decide that you will need surgery to remove the diseased gland.

A parathyroid consultant in Stockport has the qualifications and experience to assist you. For more details on how we can assist, or to schedule a consultation, contact Manchester Thyroid. We provide integrated care with expert clinicians in endocrinology and specialist surgeons who work closely as a team. Our team will assess and manage all types of thyroid and parathyroid conditions. Highly regarded, we are also known for our skill and experience, as well as our dedication to patient care. Moreover, our parathyroid consultant will explain what your condition entails, how to treat it, and the best way forward. We’ll also answer any questions you may have.


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