Parathyroid Consultant in Stockport Our highly trained and experienced Parathyroid consultant in Stockport will provide the right advice and assistance. At Manchester Thyroid, we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to health and wellness. This means we have a team of clinicians in various disciplines who have an excellent professional reputation both regionally and nationally. Our dedication and commitment to our profession is matched only by our compassion, skill and high level of patient care. Additionally, we work in close collaboration with oncologists, clinicians, radiologists and pathologists from the Christie Hospital. We believe strongly in patient empowerment and an integrated approach. This enables each and every patient to move seamlessly through a coordinated clinical service at our facility.

For patients in Stockport, parathyroid consultant services may be required if you experience certain symptoms. These include fatigue, loss of appetite, joint pain, constipation, kidney stones, anxiety, high levels of calcium, difficulty in speaking or swallowing, excessive thirst and urination among other things. The diagnosis of parathyroid disorders is quite complex and can be challenging unless you consult an experienced and highly trained expert in the field. The tests we use include blood and urine tests, along with CT scans, bone-density tests and X-rays to diagnose the complications from the disease. Apart from these, we are also in sync with modern advances in the field and use the latest equipment and diagnostic tools.

During the consultation, our parathyroid consultant in Stockport will determine which parathyroid disease is present: Hyperparathyroidism, Hypoparathyroidism and Parathyroid Cancer. If left unattended, these conditions can affect the quality of life and/or be life threatening. We conduct thorough investigations and prescribe a line of treatment that’s best suited to each individual case, the type of disease, your age and general health condition. The options would include surgery, radiation therapy and medication. Dietary supplements may be required and have to be closely monitored to avoid problems such as kidney failure. Contact Manchester Thyroid to book an appointment with our parathyroid consultant. Those at increased risk for parathyroid disease include post-menopausal women, those with prolonged Vitamin D deprivation, those with inherited risk, persons who have taken cancer treatments or lithium medications for bipolar disorders. It’s important to address the symptoms immediately.


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