If your primary care provider recommends you schedule treatment at a Thyroid clinic in Oldham, consider Manchester Thyroid.

You can count on our team of professionals for comprehensive treatment both medically and surgically. The thyroid gland is very small but in the miracle of body function, it has an important job. Located just below your Adam’s apple, this small butterfly shaped gland spans your windpipe. The thyroid gland secretes two hormones into your bloodstream that are critical for normal functioning of every cell in your body. It’s a big job which is why any disorder in the process has repercussions that result in symptoms from mild to fatal if left untreated.

Thyroid disorders are fairly common with about 1 in 20 people experiencing either temporary or permanent disorder. In Oldham, our thyroid clinic has found that disorders are most common in women but certainly not exclusive to women. One of the most common disorders is Hypothyroidism which means your thyroid is underactive and not producing sufficient hormone to meet your body’s needs. Your symptoms might include fatigue, weight gain, loss of concentration and even depression. Hyperthyroidism is an overactive thyroid which of course means your thyroid is producing too much hormone. Symptoms include weight loss, itchy eyes and feeling too hot all the time. Hypothyroidism is more common than Hyperthyroidism. There are other disorders, including nodules that can be cancerous.

Our team at our thyroid clinic in Oldham is made up of specialists that are adept at diagnosing and treating thyroid disorders. Some people have very mild symptoms and you will notice that all symptoms of the disorders are common to other ailments. We are successful at zeroing in on any thyroid disorder, evaluating the need and type of treatment and then administering the best possible solution. Most disorders are successfully treated with medication to balance out the hormone production. Thyroid disease may require surgery. Our staff surgeon is among the finest you’ll find anywhere. Contact Manchester Thyroid and schedule an evaluation. Our medical, surgical and support staff will make you comfortable and devise the best treatment plan for you.


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