Thyroid Specialist in Liverpool At Manchester Thyroid, our thyroid specialist in Liverpool can assess your symptoms and test for thyroid hormone imbalance. Perhaps you keep getting the same response from different people when you complain of fatigue, sleep disturbances, weight gain or loss, dry skin and more. It may seem like a lot of little annoyances that could be caused by many different health conditions. Mentioned singly, each symptom may be ignored by your health provider and even by you. After all, you’re not sick. Some things just seem off about the way you have been feeling. People in the know might respond by suggesting your symptoms are caused by your thyroid. They’ve experienced what you’re going through.

If you get that response often enough then maybe it is your thyroid. The best way to find out is in Liverpool, thyroid specialist testing at Manchester Thyroid. We can test for thyroid disease or thyroid hormone imbalance. Diagnosis and treatment with the same team follows. Like many others, you may wonder why you didn’t seek help sooner. Your thyroid gland is small and sits below your Adam’s apple and attached to your windpipe. It’s job is to secrete hormones that travel throughout your body and regulate growth, development, metabolism, and body temperature. The main hormone is thyroxine and if your levels are too high or too low you may experience symptoms. A simple blood test will reveal the presence of disease or imbalance.

Our thyroid specialist in Liverpool will check for an enlarged thyroid which indicates the presence of disease. In some instances, surgical removal of the gland may be the best option. After surgery and for other imbalances, medication can balance out the hormones and relieve your symptoms. Thinning hair, dry skin, always cold and low libido are symptoms of ageing that occur when the body slows the production of estrogen and testosterone. But if you are under the age of 45 and experiencing those symptoms and others like fatigue and weight changes, then maybe it’s your thyroid. The best way to find out is to contact Manchester Thyroid. We can assess your condition and prescribe treatment that will restore your well-being.


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