Top Parathyroid Clinic in Leeds Get the best diagnosis and treatment from the top parathyroid clinic in Leeds. If you or your loved ones want to have more information and therapy for lumps, nodules, goitre, parathyroid adenoma, over or under active thyroid, thyroid cancer and all other thyroid/parathyroid related issues, get in touch with us. Manchester Thyroid has several years’ experience in providing excellent services across the Manchester region and beyond. Our team of highly trained clinicians have built a prestigious reputation for themselves and our facility. We also collaborate with other outstanding specialists. They include radiologists, pathologists and oncologists at the eminent Christie Hospital.

For patients in Leeds, top parathyroid clinic services are available from our team of highly trained, professionally qualified consultants. Parathyroid malfunction and disease occur when the parathyroid glands are affected. These 4 small glands in the neck are responsible for maintaining the calcium level in the body. The typical symptoms that patients experience occur when the parathyroid system doesn’t function properly or when a disease affects them. They may find a lump in the neck or have difficulty swallowing or speaking. Some may have high levels of calcium or experience muscle weakness. Patients may also feel drowsy and tired. They may feel more frequent urges to urinate and this makes them more dehydrated. Kidney stones and brittle bones are some of the other symptoms. While these symptoms may occur in combination with each other, they present an overall picture that helps our team to make the right diagnosis.

Our top parathyroid clinic in Leeds has state of the art diagnostic and testing facilities and equipment. We also suggest the best possible treatment options that are for your age, health status, extent and nature of the problem, and the stage of the disease. We also respect your preferences. These treatments include surgery, dietary supplements, medication and regular monitoring/follow-ups. Our approach is a comprehensive and integrated one. Being an inter-disciplinary team, we are able to handle the problem from a 360-degree view. Contact Manchester Thyroid if you’re looking for the top parathyroid clinic. We also do thorough investigations to discover the underlying causes of the problem so that the treatment is more holistic and complete.


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