Top Parathyroid Surgeon in ManchesterThe top parathyroid surgeon in Manchester is on staff at Manchester Thyroid. Parathyroids are 4 small glands located in the neck behind the thyroid. Their function is to release a hormone, PTH, which maintains the balance of calcium. They are not associated with the thyroid except as a neighbouring organ. That proximity is why thyroid and parathyroid specialists work closely together. The glands are very small and a mastery of the whole neighbourhood in that part of the anatomy is critical, particularly when surgery is necessary. There is only one thing that can go wrong with the parathyroids; they can develop growths or adenomas on one or more of them. Rarely are the growths cancerous but they still must be removed so calcium balance and good health can be restored.

Parathyroid adenoma can be difficult to diagnose due to common symptoms which include fatigue, depression, poor concentration, joint and abdominal pain, osteoporosis and kidney stones. In Manchester, the top parathyroid surgeon specialises because the surgery can be a bit tricky even though it is brief and safe. Our great experience assures long-term success. If the surgery is not precise, it might have to be repeated in a few years. The parathyroid glands are the only organ in the body duplicated 4 times. There are two on each side at the back of the thyroid and ideally, the four form a square. We say ideally because quite often their location is not exact. Great expertise and knowledge of the anatomical makeup of the area are needed to be sure nothing is missed.

Our surgeons are each a top parathyroid surgeon in Manchester. One has trained at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York and another is nationally recognised at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Both are highly experienced and work with a team of doctors and other support staff for this important speciality. We work as an integrated team to provide the most complete diagnosis, treatment, surgery and patient support available. If your health care provider recommends you seek an evaluation for thyroid or parathyroid disease, contact us and schedule an appointment. Your symptoms are likely making your life miserable. If they are caused by parathyroid adenoma, our top surgeon will restore your health and well-being.


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