Top Parathyroid Clinic in OldhamManchester Thyroid is the top parathyroid clinic in Oldham. If you or a loved one have symptoms consistent with parathyroid disease then an accurate diagnosis is critical. Early diagnosis is difficult because often there are no symptoms. As the disease progresses there may be mild symptoms that are consistent with multiple other health disorders. It may be that those other diseases have been ruled out through testing and treatments. Now it’s time to get an accurate diagnosis. You can trust our team of professionals to carry out all necessary testing for an accurate diagnosis. If that proves treatment is needed, then surgery is likely the next step.

The parathyroid is a tiny group of 4 glands about the size of a grain of rice that secrete a hormone that regulates calcium balance in your body. In Oldham, the top parathyroid clinic is staffed with top-rated surgeons. Surgery to remove growths from the parathyroid is delicate so you want the best available. The dysfunction of other organs is often the first symptoms of parathyroid disease. Too much or too little calcium throughout your body leads to high levels in the blood and urine or too little in the bones. Symptoms could include kidney stones, osteoporosis, depression, bone, joint and abdominal pain, excessive urination, nausea and fatigue.

The top parathyroid clinic in Oldham is Manchester Thyroid. Accurate testing in our state of the art medical facility will reveal if a calcium imbalance is causing the symptoms. If it is, then there may be swelling in one or more of the glands, a non-cancerous growth or a cancerous growth on one or more of the glands. We are affiliated with a top local hospital and our surgeons operate in that safe environment. They are highly experienced and the actual surgery may take only ten or fifteen minutes.  For this, you want the best, so contact us and schedule a consultation. For the sake of your health, don’t delay because damage to other body organs will continue until the cause is remedied.


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