Thyroid Consultant in ManchesterYour symptoms may indicate that you need to see a thyroid consultant in Manchester. We have put together a multidisciplinary team of expert professionals who, by working together, ensure that each patient receives comprehensive service that addresses all areas of thyroid disease. In addition, our team works closely with the support staff of clinicians at the nearby hospital. If our consultation determines that surgery is necessary, the hospital team of pathologists, oncologists, radiologists, nursing staff, anaesthesiologists and more provide a clear picture of what we’re dealing with and support the patient’s comfort throughout all procedures.

Thyroid related problems include overactive or underactive thyroid, nodules, enlarged thyroid gland, and cancer. In Manchester, thyroid consultant will know that the most common disorder is abnormal hormone production; either too much, Hyperthyroidism or not enough which is  Hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormone production affects all of the metabolic processes throughout your body. The result is a myriad of symptoms, many which mimic the symptoms of other diseases and disorders. The thyroid is the body’s generator in that it converts the food we eat into energy. So it’s not surprising that an underactive thyroid is going to lead to sluggishness, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, sensitivity to cold and loss of interest in everything. Overactive thyroid symptoms are the opposite causing anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, and more.

A thyroid consultant in Manchester associated with our clinic may determine which, if either abnormal thyroid performance is present. The cause of underactive or overactive hormone production could be hereditary.  It  could also be caused by inflammation, an enlarged thyroid, benign nodules on the gland and in rare cases, cancer. Our team of specialists, through consultation with patients, testing and experienced physical exams will determine the cause and establish a treatment plan. Contact Manchester Thyroid if it has been suggested that you seek a thyroid consultation. We assure you that during your journey our caring professionals will be by your side ensuring your comfort. We’ll endeavour to answer all your questions because the more you understand the more confident you will be in a successful outcome eliminates your symptoms. Using the information we’ve gathered, we will collaborate to reach a diagnosis and also the best treatment plan for balancing your thyroid hormone production.


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